The XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge: Technical Setup, Assessment, and Results

The XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge consisted of creating models to predict the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and to prescribe non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) that would help mitigate it. Given past history of cases and interventions in a country or region as input, the goal in Phase 1 was to predict number of cases in the future, and in Phase 2, to prescribe intervention plans that would simultaneously minimize future cases and the stringency (i.e. cost) of the interventions. The teams that performed best in Phase 1 (Nov 2020 - Jan 2021) were selected to particate in Phase 2 (Jan - Feb 2021).

This page describes the technical details of the competition, including the competition setup, qualitative descriptions of the entires, quantitative evaluation methods, and results (see this blog post for a summary). In particular, the Phase 1 and Phase 2 leaderboards make it possible to explore the performance of the different teams interactively at different times of the pandemic, in different countries and regions, and with different weightings on the NPIs; The QE2 result document demonstrates how the Phase 2 entries were evaluated in terms of their unique and useful contributions to a combined super-prescriptor. These results are the same as those the judges used to decide the winners, however, the teams are anonymized to focus on the methodology rather than judging.

The competition was based on a research paper by Cognizant's Evolutionary AI team. For more details, and for media inquiries, contact